Late Night
  The episode starts with Bowser sending Bowser Jr. to bed at 7:00 PM. Bowser Jr. says he does'nt want to go to bed, but Bowser says he has to. At 2:00 AM, Bowser Jr. gets hungry so he decides to go wake up Bowser.

Bowser is watching Patrick and Friends, his favorite TV show when Jr. interrupts him. Bowser asks why he is hungry in the middle of the night and told Jr. to go wake up Chef Pingu. Chef Pingu is dreaming about his paycheck when Jr. wakes him up. Chef Pingu sighed and said what Jr. wants.

Jr. asked a cheeseburger, but Chef Pingu said no. Jr. asked for bread and he got whole-wheat bread. Then Jr. complained that he liked white bread, not whole-wheat, Chef Pingu told him to eat it, they got into a fight and had to see Dr. Mario.