Evil Mario!
 The episode starts with Grandpa Luigi hogging Mario's halloween candy. When Mario comes to say hi, he notices a gold necklace on his belly. Mario asks what it is, and Grandpa Luigi says it belongs to the devil. Mario asks what price it is, and Grandpa Luigi said $1000. Mario buys it.

When Mario gets home, Luigi asks what Mario is wearing, and Mario said the Devil's necklace. Then Mario and Luigi go to bed. In the middle of the night, Mario gets up and goes to Toad's house and kills him. The next morning Luigi was watching the news and saw the story. Mario did'nt know how it happened. But then on the TV, the news reporter held up a hat with a M on it. Mario and Luigi gasped.

Mario went to Princess Peach's castle. When he tried to talk to her, she told Mario to go away. Luigi said it might've been the necklace, but Mario doubt'ed it. Then Mario went to Mushroom Mart, everyone kept staring at him, so he left.

The next morning the news said Grandpa Luigi was killed, and there was another hat with a M on it, so mario had to do the right thing. He went to the Mushroom Gorge and threw the necklace in.

Lesson: No Toads or Grandpa Luigi's were harmed.