Grandpa Luigi goes to Walmart.

It starts off with Grandpa Luigi greeting you outside of Walmart. When he's inside he tells you that Walmart has so many features. The he's at George, then Grandpa Luigi says "Curious George?" Then a big lineup is there. Grandpa Luigi tells them to move their big butts.

Then he's at the Entertainment, he goes looking for Mario games with no luck, he moves on. Then he's looking at Barbies in the girls section. Then He asks a worker where the Lego is, and then he's there.

Then he wants to get a Lego SpongeBob Glove World set, but another Toad wants it, so they fight over it and Grandpa Luigi wins. He keeps exploring around the store, and finds a toothbrush, cream, Spider-Man Doll, and a moving Egg.

He pays for it, and thats it.