Luigis strap

Luigi's Strap

 It starts with Luigi waking up and finding out that his overall strap is broken. Quickly, he runs to Mario for help. Mario trys to help Luigi by putting tape on the strap. FAILIURE! Then Luigi goes to Grandpa Luigi. Then both are in a strange place, Grandpa Luigi thought it was Oz, then Grandpa Luigi beats Luigi with a stick and asks if it's better, Luigi says no. FAILIURE! Then he goes to Peach. What she does is trys to staple it. FAILIURE! Then Luigi went to Daisy, but she was no help. FAILIURE! The he went to Toad and all he did was put his underwear on Luigi's head. FAILIURE! Then Luigi went to Tintin, all he did was stuff Luigi into his friend's piggybank. FAILURE! Then the piggybank rolled to Bowser, Bowser helped and fixed it. WINNER!!!