Mario's Addiction

It starts off with Mario complaining that he's hungry. The Luigi comes and tells Mario that Smartfood popcorn just came out. Then Luigi buys some and tells Mario to try it. Mario says if it will make you smart, he trys it and says 2+2=5. 2 days later, Mario is hooked on that stuff. Luigi thinks that Mario's getting fat, so Luigi takes Mario to the scale. It estimated 69 pounds, even though Luigi thought it was 690 pounds. So the Luigi takes Mario to Tintin's Therapy Center and once Tintin and Mario start to talk, Mario plays with Tintin's Lego, and his cream for his rash.

So Tintin puts a note on Mario's head that says "Help Me!" and calls the docter (a.k.a Black Yoshi) in. Then Black Yoshi shows Mario outside and tells him to go out there more. Mario says it was torture.

Then, Black Yoshi makes Mario read the hardest book ever, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck.

Then the staff meeting. At first, Tintin and Black Yoshi talk about how there isn't much staff, then Yogi Bear appears, asking them if he could join, they say no, and Park Ranger Johnson is after Yogi, so Yogi runs away.

Then Mario is back with Luigi. Luigi asks Mario how they made him not want to eat Smartfood, and Mario says because the made him read Hard Luck, and Luigi faints.